In this time of term papers I wanted to draw my patron deity, Bullshitticus, god of students and general last minute fudgery, sitting upon his Golden Futon, attended by the muses Caffeina and Thesaurae, whose powers of artificial energy and pretentious vocabulary can be invoked in case of the all-nighter.

I like to think he’s Dionysus’s second cousin or something.

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Just my bitter feels, all of them.

…and Yura is the inspiration.

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"My passionate Idol Activities, "Aikatsu!" is starting!"

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guess who forgot to turn on the crockpot? i went to check if my food was done… and realized the apartment didn’t feel like an oven to see the thing was off.

i probably should try catching up in hachapre sometime. i fell behind over the summer oops

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