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Revised commission post! I’ve added some things and changed some prices (mostly with the traditional stuff). Everything asked for before March 30th will still be the prices from the old post.

I’m best at drawing animals, but I’m fine with pretty much anything. You can ask for fandom stuff too. I’m willing to do any rating or weirder stuff but I might refuse if it’s too much (I’m okay with most things, and you can always ask). Also, I’d prefer to not have my name on higher-rated stuff (depending), but you can post it as an anonymous commission if you like.


*Prices don’t include shipping, which may be between $1~3(?)
Traditional stuff will be drawn on around a normal size piece of paper (~8.5x11”?) (art paper is in different sizes hence the ‘around’..). Half size=half price, etc.
A. 10 simple doodles or 3 complex doodles: $1  [more doodle examples] These will be done in pencil/pen/coloredpen, whichever you prefer. Or digitally too, but those can’t be mailed (though I can do some simple flat colors on those).
B. Full page detailed/shaded: $10 (Same info as A) ($20 for color pencils)
C. Watercolor paint: Simple $10, Complex $20 /+$3 for extra characters [more examples]
D. Pastels: $10 /+$5 for extra characters
E. Oil paintings: Simple $15 Complex $25 +$5characters


Any resolution is fine for digital stuff.
A. (from above)
E. Speed drawings: $1 (for around 10 mins? I’ll go longer if it doesn’t feel finished) [examples]
F. Simple colored: $5 /+$2 per extra characters
G. Colored drawing: $10 /+$3 for background/extra characters (each)
H. Detailed/realistic: $20 /+$5 for background/extra characters (each)

I have a variety of styles, so if you like the way a particular drawing of mine is done, you can ask for it in that style. I can probably get stuff to you within 1-2 weeks after you request it, but it’ll depend on how hard school is being at the moment.

You can message me in private or email me at Payment by paypal, though we may be able to figure something else out if it’s not too difficult. You’re always free to ask questions through email or askbox (anon is fine)!

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things I want to wear


Hacker Kitty!


This cutie joined us sunbathing today!

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omg i just got really nostalgic for a game i bought as a kid. it was called cookie and cream, and was for the ps2. i remember the guy at the 2nd hand shop cautioned me against getting it as all the kids who got the game eventually returned it because even though it was cute, it was stupid fucking hard. i remember my brother, his best friend, and i took a week off from school to see this game beaten. i wasn’t even playing it because i got so frustrated, but i remember it kicked you to the start of the level if either you or your partner fucked up. they kept attacking each other over every tiny mistake until they beat the last level. i think the disk was either used in a game of angry disk frisby or burned knowing them.

edit: OH MY GOD the creators were the same that made dark souls now this is starting to make so much sense

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The Time Gear in Treeshroud Forest


super quick rhyme because i haven’t drawn twewy fanart since the 7th grade ghh